Self Realisation Meditation by Peter & Jules

Self Realisation Meditation

Learn how to meditate on the stillness and bliss of your inner spirit

What's included?

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Introduction to Self Realisation Meditation
Kundalini awakening looks like this.
1 min
Welcome to Self Realisation Meditation
1 min
How Our Meditation Works
3 mins
Our Subtle System
82.4 KB
The hand movements of this Kriya practice.
4 mins
Sit - Hands - Mindset
2 mins
Initial Meditation (15 mins)
16 mins
Raising your vibrations and keeping centred
4 mins
Further Suggestions
2 mins
Continuing Your Daily Practice
Daily Meditation (20 mins)
20 mins
Calming Your Senses With The Breath
Optional Breathing Practice For Calming The Mind
12 mins
Other Daily Meditations
10 Min Meditation (ocean location & sounds)
11 mins
5 Min Meditation: Early Morning Village Sounds (Greek Islands)
5 mins
5 Min Heart Awareness Meditation (with sitar)
6 mins
Going Deeper
How to go deep in your yoga
Our Dedication for Self Realisation Meditation
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