Traditional Gentle Hatha by Peter & Jules

Traditional Gentle Hatha

Learn well-balanced gentle yoga routines that cover all the essential elements needed to prepare the body and the mind for a deep, meaningful, life-long yoga practice.


By using these routines daily, you will be able to: 
  1. Use awareness cultivation techniques to remove brain fog & re-vitalise the mind.
  2. Bring more mobility to the muscles, joints, and ligaments with an ancient yogic limbering system that also stretches, and tones the body. 
  3. Relieve neck tension and lower back pain.
  4. Enhance the functioning of your circulatory and digestive system. 
  5. Calm your mind, sooth your nervous system, and relieve yourself from stress.
  6. Guide yourself to inner peace with simple, and effective meditation practices.
  7. Build the desire for daily personal yoga practice.
  8. Learn how to practice yoga in a sustainable and nurturing way.
  9. Develop a subtle approach to yoga.

Who is this for course for?

  • Corporate stress heads and stress heads in general
  • Gym bunnies that need some flexibility and want to chill out
  • Cranky bodies with angry backs and/or stiff aching joints
  • The way too much ‘sitting in a chair all day' crew
  • Absolute beginners
  • Experienced yogis that want to strip back their 'physical push & audit their inner state.' Are you feeling the essence of yoga inside, or just doing a physical workout?’
Gentle Yoga provides the opportunity to feel the essence of yoga inside before extending your physical practice into a, well, purely physical practice!

Like, um, where's the yoga?

What's included?

Video Icon 28 videos Text Icon 3 text files


Start Here
7 mins
Neutral Rest Position
Introduction to Neutral Rest Position
2 mins
The do's and don'ts of Neutral Rest Position
2 mins
How to come into Neutral Rest Position + your turn to try!
2 mins
INTRO GENTLE YOGA : 35 Min Routine
Read this
35 mins
INTRO GENTLE YOGA Full Routine (black & white version)
35 mins
Intro Gentle Yoga Tutorials
1. Joint Release
1 min
2. Single Knee Hug
3 mins
3. Lower Back & Hip Joint Release
2 mins
4. Pelvic Lifts + Bridge
2 mins
5. Easy Back Bend & Supine Extended Mountain
2 mins
6. Butterfly + Wide Butterfly Forward Fold
3 mins
7. Churning the Mill & Wide Forward Folds
3 mins
8. Cat Stretching & Cat Balance
3 mins
9. Supported & Crescent Lunge
4 mins
10. Rest Positions & Lion Pose
3 mins
11. Seated Forward Fold
3 mins
12. Developing Drishti
1 min
DAILY DOSE OF FEEL GOOD: 4 x 15 Min Routines
Read this
Standing Routine
16 mins
Seated Routine
15 mins
Prone Routine
16 mins
Supine Routine
16 mins
1 Hour Practice (4 x 15 minute videos in one complete sequence)
(1h 00m 11s)
Guided Relaxation
Neutral Rest Time
6 mins
5 Minute Meditation: Chit Sahastrara
6 mins
Requested Tutorials
Scooping The Water Tutorial for Ali
7 mins
Roll Down Tutorial
5 mins
Standing Back Bend Tutorial
8 mins