BREATHE FOR LIFE: Connected yogi breathing for super charged immunity and heightened mental clarity.

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10 x 7 Sun Salutation

I've been teaching this modified version of Salute to the Sun for over fifteen years. Many new students want to access this ancient flow practice but the traditional format can be challenging and take a long time to master. So, I modified the it to suit their needs and make it more achievable. Salute to the Sun has proven itself to be an effective weight loss, toning and stretching system for thousands of years. However, modern people have different needs - we sit for long hours on chairs and lounges, we are less active, and the pressures of our existence load the nervous system with levels of stress unheard of in ancient India.  It is for these reasons that I have modified and added to Salute to the Sun to make it achievable and safe for modern people - in particular - those who work in offices and/or have busy lives.  With this version, I've ironed out the bugs, so to speak, so that it's an achievable - slow flow - practice that most people can perfect in a shorter amount of time.  The great thing is - you still get all of the benefits of the traditional version!
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Spine Flow Yoga 1

The ultimate Yoga Flow for a healthy spine, a strong core and flexible body!
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Self Realisation Meditation

Learn how to awaken your chakras and rise to your true potential with this effective meditation technique.
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